Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Definitely, Maybe

It is a beautiful night here in the MR. Well, more like beautiful morning but you catch my drift. I haven't posted in a bit so I thought I would let you know how my life is going.

Quite boring actually. I am getting nightmares of black and pinto beans chasing me down in my sleep and being baracaded by massive tortillas. A.K.A. Taco del Mar is consuming me alive.

I realized while sitting here that I haven't been doing much with my summer besides waking up at noon, watching consecutive hours of televison about fat people and shows involving people addicted to drugs and who have OCD. I decided it was high time to finish my Pullman Summer 2010 Bucket List.

I thought I would share my list with my followers and cross them off each time I complete a goal, followed by story behind it. Possibly a picture, but that might be a little too intimate. Especially goal #1.

Pullman Summer 2010 Bucket List: To be completed by August 15th

1. Have a Threesome
2. Learn how to Beatbox and Breakdance (could be challenging considering I have no upper body strength)
3. Kill a Thirty Bomb (aka Fourth of July MR Declaration of Independence to Busch Lite Challenge)
4. Have sex on the roof
5. Make new friends
6. Lose twenty pounds
7. Smoke on the roof of the library - only if it is with MPatt
8. Go to a strip club
9. Go Streaking (maybe after losing that twenty pounds)
10. Get something pierced or tatted
11. Create a summer photo collage
12. Read a damn good book
13. Redecorate room
14. Finish the upstairs of MR (will be quite challenging considering Hurricane Katrina came through)
15. Weed wack the entire house
16. Make The Palouse Hills the most read blog on campus - YES
17. Write a song
18. Have at least one BBQ a week
19. Go on a hiking adventure
20. Road trip somewhere random
21. Finish paddles
22. Go shooting
23. Spend the entire day and night at the cliffs (have spent the night, but not entire day, planning on a 24 hour excursion)
24. Attempt to get a discount on groceries by flirting obnoxiously with the homely checkout boy at Winco
25. Go to a concert
26. Hotsprings!
27. Reconnect with an old friend
28. Watch the sunrise
29. Go fishing, then proceed to cook the fish immediately following
30. Learn to swim
31. Jump the cliffs (after learning to swim of course)
32. Watch the meteor shower – August 12, 2010 @ 10:30PM
33. Create a project with bottle caps
34. Find the one song that will describe Pullman Summer 2010
35. Tag something (gotta leave my mark somewhere in the world)
36. Go to a Farmers Market
37. Watch all three of the Godfather movies back to back
38. Have a drum circle in the middle of a field
39. Make a list of goals for the school year
40. Moulin Rouge vs. Food (enough said)

I recently achieved #23 (go shooting) while at the cliffs for a late night dance party. I met a guy who took me back to his campsite and then proceeded to allow me to shoot his 22 caliber rifle (i believe that is what it was called) while we waited for his homemade tent sauna to warm up. Quite ingenius I thought. Although I began to realize that shooting guns in James Bond's "Goldeneye" has nothing to do when holding a real life loaded gun. No high score there.


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