Saturday, June 19, 2010


This is the beginning of Super Blog Saturday. We will all be recounting events and adventures from the previous night. This is Woodstock in PCP point of view:

So the night began at Dupus Boomers where Wrap and myself enjoyed food and bathroom break shots of burnetts and the 21+ kids again worked their way through the 44 beer tap out challenge. M.Patt is obviously in the lead much the the dismay of Panda.

Then Reynolds (Wrap) and myself went home to get ready, have a few beers, and await party time. We then decided to go to a friend's bbq on Maple. This house had a sauna. So therefore, I need to find a way to become best friends with the residents. On the way we found a small drunk ranga aka my big sis Duc. She spread her fiery love and came along to the bbq. Beautiful. She def made a small semi-awk sauce gathering a ton of entertainment for Reynolds and myself.

PARTY TIME! Woot. The drink of choice was jiggle juice, which is jello shots in sprite tricking you into thinking you aren't getting wasted. It tricked me at least. A majority of the night is pretty fuzzy but here are a few highlights:
- Tron on the ground while Duc humps the crap out of her
- Duc calling someone named Eduardo, Allejandro because she loves Gaga
- Kavorka goes to the bars!
- A man dressed in a skirt with peace signs and wearing no shirt
- The police coming, 19 y/o Wrap talking to them while wasted, and us only getting a warning
- Me telling someone that cleaning won't make someone hook up with them while blacked out
- Widmer Hefeweizen

Anyways, that is all. I almost died at Denny's today due to alcohol poisoning. But now I'm alive and dreaming of Jim Caviezal or however you spell his name. But not as Jesus, only as Edmond in The Count of Monte Cristo or in frequency

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