Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lezzies and Justin Bieber

Okay so we haven't written in a minute, but I personally have been studying for a huge test and everyone else has gone off on adventures. This weekend one of us is climbing rocks in the woods, 3 of us are visiting home in the west, 1 of us works with grass, another with beans, one of us is being caged, and one of us is in the land of the potatoes. Who am I forgetting? Oh and the phantom is somewhere doing phantom like activities.

So a reasonable amount of you may be aware about the website concerning ladies who look like Bieber. That sucks for him I guess. I'm sure there are straight people who look like Bieber too.

Now for more important information. On July 4th, in honor of our Declaration of Indepedence, several members of the MR will be participating in a 30 bomb challenge. 24 hours of bliss. We will let everyone know who the lucky champions of the fermentation process are. My bet goes to Tron.

A random problem of the day. Why are there people out there who look presentable at 8 AM? It's shocking. Hello, my name is Blah and I had time to curl my hair this morning and pick something out to wear AND I'm only 21?! Who are these people? My guess is that they're aliens very similar to our own alien, who has indeed been seen looking presentable in the early morning. tisk tisk. It's a blessing if I make it out of the house at 8:40 with everything I need and appropriate shoes on. So note to all, try to dress tolerably dull so I don't feel like a troll in the morning!

Okay here's a Lil List for you All:

Wonderful Things I Love that I would never admit on a 1st Date:
1. The Smell of Bleach
2. Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter! I love HP!!!!!!!!
3. Twilight: The fastest read in the world. I've never felt so smart
4. Skype: But only with my besty MK
5. Personalized Nike High Tops
6. Cat House: The HBO reality show featuring legal prostitutes in Nevada
7. Patt: Obviously.
8. The Huskies. I can't explain this. But I secretly think they're swell. Just not as good as my distinguished university

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