Friday, June 18, 2010

Booze, Hippies, and Tap Outs, Oh My!

Good day fellow bloggas.

This is the Tron speaking. In approximately t-minus 1 hour and fifty two minutes, we will be having a legendary party. Not just any party. Woodstock.

The majority of us are already plastered, aka stupid twenty one year olds and their tap outs.

We are not sure how many people will be attending this palooza of fun, but it is expected to be a lot. I will be reporting back on Saturday morning if I can still see straight.

I am only writing this post because I was forced to by PC.

On that note, toodaloo and wish the MR luck in their endeavours and shenanigans.



P.S. Apparently Burnettes has multiple types of flavors including blue raspberry and pink lemonade.
There is a god.

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