Thursday, July 1, 2010

Excuse me Kent

Lalala. I am super sick. This is PCP. If you've ever met me, you'd know I'm always sick. It happens. On to more importante information.

Info about TV Shows the MR watches on a regular basis:

- True Blood: Suki? Is that how her name is spelt? God she's horrible. And I am convinced that they use V8 juice as blood on the show. So nom nom nom. Also, for some reason I hate southern accents a lil bit. And Panda hates british accents. So it sucks for all of us since the characters have southern accents on the show and british accents off. Except Suki. I just don't like her gap tooth
-Obsessed: It's about people with OCD. I'm sure it's a super serious situation but it's hysterical. On the season opener, a lady had an exercise compulsion and another guy took 10 showers a day. Ridiculous. But these people do need help so thank god someone cares enough to help them out.
- Huge: The name says it all. It's about fat kids at fat camp. The best character is the girl from hair spray who sells contraband food.
- Snapped: About women who snap and kill their husbands/bfs/whatever. Look out boys, she's coming to get you
- So You Think You Can Dance: The best show ever invented. It makes us want to dance like hoodlums everywhere we go.
- Man vs. Food: A fat man eats a ridiculous amount of food. Like a 5 pound grilled cheese with a side of fries. Wrap reckons she could conquer this one. Seattle episode shows the Beth's 12 egg omelet. No way jose. Sometimes food wins and it makes us happy. But mostly it makes us want to eat
- Intervention: People do drugs/drink alcohol and their family cries. A little glimpse at our future.
- The Hills: Or The Hills have Eyes as I like to refer to it. It makes us feel smart and happy that we have some semblance of a soul. Thank Baby Jesus
-Entourage: SOoooooo good. Hot men, celebs, and wonderful plot lines. according to yours truly at least.
- Cathouse: Probably the most entertaining show on t.v. About a legal prostitution ring in Nevada. The general moral: People are crazy and men AND women are nasty pants

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