Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shattered Windows and Dignity

Good Afternoon!

I can finally see straight after a night of chaos.

We started the day off with chugging flasks of cheap vodka in the CUB bathroom, classy I know. But what can you when everyone is 21? It's hard out there for us twenty year olds.

After Dupus when everyone was good and toasted by five, people kind of split up. Some went to a bbq and the older kids stayed at the bar. Typical.

PARTY TIME BEGINS!! What a night what a night. From what I remember (which is not that much) there were quite a lot of people here. It was chaotic. Soo much booze was consumed, I can't even recall half of it. We served jiggle juice tie dye style, it was quite colorful. The morning after it looks like someone puked and pissed in it. After last night, anything could've happened.

Apparently there was a shirtless man in some sort of skirt, I am upset that I was not alive at the time of this occurence. I remember there was lots of screaming and Panda attempting to regulate. Did not happen.

Around 1130 the cops showed up and miraculously Wrap talked to them. Somehow we only ended up with a noise complaint. The gods must have been watching over us. When I saw the cops, I booked it into my room and brought around 10 people with me. Good times.

Unfortunately, alcohol kicked my ass and sent me to the curb. I then proceeded to run around in my underwear which happened to be inside out. The only way to wear them these days.

Now I have to get ready for work, and then who knows what. It's Saturday night! Crap.

Infinite x's and o's,


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