Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wrappin w/ the cops

oh friday night at the MR the palouse gets wild with summer schoool finnally comming to an end we celebrate by crackin bottles at 2pm and taking in the bathroom of public places. what could be better. woodstock 2010 was to much of a success that ended up with cops, man withouth pants, and other things that not so PG13. I cannot exlplain the amount of black out juice that consumed during the party, oh shout out to sista Duc for being a champ and being the drunkest lil ginge i know. Speaking of

Top 5 Drunkest at Woodstock 2010 from my perspective:

1. Tron
2. Kavorka
3. Duc
4. Salamander
5. and a tie between PC and Patt.

But I'm getting a little but ahead of myself, we havn't discuseed what happend before, after a pound and a half of fries that were consumed with a bit o burnettes to top it off the night started off well. Old balls in the house started the 44 tap out and since tron Pc and I are not about to be that for some time were starting our town type of tap out. more about that later.

P.s don't drink the Yetti

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