Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You are Huge!

Several Notes:

1. There is a new show on ABC Family called You are Huge premiering in the end of June. We are anxiously awaiting this show chronicling everything we live for in life.

2. Megan Patt has lost some property. Please return it dust bunnies in the cubbie

3. WOODSTOCK! Happy 21st Bday our little pukey wonder

4. Tron's vagina has a slight itch

5. Fuck Ryan Cabrera's semen infested afro

6. We are fully aware that we are the crazy drunk bitches at the party.

7. Gucci. Do you speak italian?

8. No one should ever give Tron the remote, because you will end up watching Hair or Last House on the Left where some very unseemly things are done with a microwave and someone's head. Not okay

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