Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tron takes a tumble

Yup. You read the title right.

Tron here, I like to think that I have more physical strength then most women and like to prove it by doing squats while holding Panda.

Now before you go thinking I'm some closet body builder, keep in mind that I only work out about once in a blue moon.

Anywho, this weekend I thought I would prove my strength and do squats with this one lady. Didn't work out that swell. I hit the curb like an atomic bomb. Have some cute love bites to prove it. Luckily a man had a first aid kit in his car and bandaged me up like it was World War II. Cougs are always lookin out for Cougs.

The rest of the weekend was nice. Two highlighter parties back to back. I ended up with a cute Hitler stash that I'm thinking about getting permanently tatted on my face.

Wrap is planning D-Day aka triple birthday run with JJ and Eclair (blackout). Wrap and Eclair are turning 20 and our little nugget JJ is turning the big 2-1. The theme is "Black, White, and Drunk all over". How appropriate.

Onto a few more updates:

1. Salamander just painted her room gray, actually it is called "Sparrow"
2. We ate at Denny's back to back this weekend. I hung out with our waitress Emma at a highlighter party the other night. She's pretty wicked. And makes a mean Dinner Salad.
3. Four Loko is never a good idea.
4. JJ doesn't remember anything from Thursday.
5. Gouda.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear lovers and friends,
this is a ultra special blog sent all the way via Seattle. So far I know.

I am writing this blog outside of the MR as a special treat to all my other loyal roommates that are still in Pullman because I miss them all sooooooo much.

I don't have much to say but I wanted to tell you all that I am drinking just as much as you are there, if not more ( 4 bottles of tequila were divided during my 4th of july weekend and as well as 100+ beers) so BOOOOYAH.

a special thanks to amanda and megan for putting a halt on the 44 Tap out while Im gone. It means the world to me.

On a better note, I have the most wonderful book to bring back to our house upon my return... its called " a guide to getting it on" i'll probably give it to gabby just as a momento when i leave WSU.

anywho, wising i were with you all. see you soon.
SLAM, Katie

PS Nickj and Scissor also send all their love.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The alcoholics weekend of hell

Okay so Wrap kind of introduced the major points but I thought I'd add a little sprinkle of PCP perspective. Nothing good really happened this weekend. It was a whole lot of bad though.
We started off on Friday thinking that, as alcoholics, we'd be able to do a power hour. This isn't your older sibling's power hour though. This one is with 2 four lokos and a whole lot of idiotic idealism. I actually think it would have been fine if it hadn't been for Sailor Jerry and Honey Moon consumed earlier, but basically the night was a shit show. Why did it suck? We don't remember, that's generally the problem

We are the dumbest people in the world possibly for thinking that we could finish a 30 bomb of Busch from mid-night to mid-night without drinking or smoking anything else and with our wits about us. We cracked the beers open at 9 AM and had a lovely breakfast while drinking. We were fine I think for most of the day, went to a barbecue and had a grown up afternoon, then had some really spicy hot dogs at home. It wasn't until around 5 or 6 PM that things started to go awry. One girl just got naked after some really silly shenanigans, got a gash in her ass the size of a pencil, and ran around as such. One poor soul got infected as she ran past him and got blood on his pants. It was exactly like super bad for me, and honestly I think he thought it might have been period blood for part of the night. Oops? Well the night ended with some arguments, some love, and a whole lot of Tron punching things and trying to tear out a wall. So please, our six readers, don't try this challenge at home.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fuck you Dirty Thirty

First off this weekend has bees such a failure that we write a supper blog Saturday, and Sunday was such an embarrassment that it wasn't even possible.

We had a dream, 1 30 and 24 hours, we had it all.. until we didn't. Contrary to popular belief cracking a bottle at 9 am isn't as pleasant as it sounds.
We started optimistic with Chowder making it to 5 before 930 am, and Misty powering threw them like her life depended on it. That girl was able to make the top of the bets for almost everything that day, what a champ. With a solid start we powered threw the day having a little barbecue and some games to help with the consumption. Finally Tron showed up and our wolf pack was finally complete. We took our little parade over to maple st. i personally couldn't tell you what really happed there apparently more games and more shenanigans, good christ. It finally came to an end back at the lovely MR with crazy beazy and her ass bleeding everywhere, junior high games (congrats Mpatt ), what can you do.

Top Things not to do after consuming all day:
1. get on a roof
2. play spin the bottle
3. remodel the bathroom

p.s. Special shout out to Very Mary Kate like omg

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Excuse me Kent

Lalala. I am super sick. This is PCP. If you've ever met me, you'd know I'm always sick. It happens. On to more importante information.

Info about TV Shows the MR watches on a regular basis:

- True Blood: Suki? Is that how her name is spelt? God she's horrible. And I am convinced that they use V8 juice as blood on the show. So nom nom nom. Also, for some reason I hate southern accents a lil bit. And Panda hates british accents. So it sucks for all of us since the characters have southern accents on the show and british accents off. Except Suki. I just don't like her gap tooth
-Obsessed: It's about people with OCD. I'm sure it's a super serious situation but it's hysterical. On the season opener, a lady had an exercise compulsion and another guy took 10 showers a day. Ridiculous. But these people do need help so thank god someone cares enough to help them out.
- Huge: The name says it all. It's about fat kids at fat camp. The best character is the girl from hair spray who sells contraband food.
- Snapped: About women who snap and kill their husbands/bfs/whatever. Look out boys, she's coming to get you
- So You Think You Can Dance: The best show ever invented. It makes us want to dance like hoodlums everywhere we go.
- Man vs. Food: A fat man eats a ridiculous amount of food. Like a 5 pound grilled cheese with a side of fries. Wrap reckons she could conquer this one. Seattle episode shows the Beth's 12 egg omelet. No way jose. Sometimes food wins and it makes us happy. But mostly it makes us want to eat
- Intervention: People do drugs/drink alcohol and their family cries. A little glimpse at our future.
- The Hills: Or The Hills have Eyes as I like to refer to it. It makes us feel smart and happy that we have some semblance of a soul. Thank Baby Jesus
-Entourage: SOoooooo good. Hot men, celebs, and wonderful plot lines. according to yours truly at least.
- Cathouse: Probably the most entertaining show on t.v. About a legal prostitution ring in Nevada. The general moral: People are crazy and men AND women are nasty pants