Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chunks of Vodka in My Fridge

So for future reference, I would like to introduce members of the MR and all co-authors of The Palouse Hills. They all attend a super prestigious university and are boosting busche and burnett's stock market day by day. Although I believe that we've been mixing it up in honor of Dupus' 44 beer tap out. So members are as follows:

- Kovorka: A hippie who enjoys the great outdoors, climbing walls, and men with greasy hair and small pants
- Panda: My personal Momma. Always take her advice concerning chicken's readiness on the skillet. She doesn't believe in remembering encounters at Mike's she does believe in looking beautiful while blacked
- Tron aka Gabatron: She likes to wear leggings, comfy slippers, and short shirts. She can drink like a champion and is so pure of heart that everyone loves her on first sight. Especially kappas?
- Duc: Best big sis in the universe. Keeping the ginger dream alive. Responsible to the core until you get some tequila in her. No Jose por favor. This lady is classy
- Salamander: Our missing roommate full of class and poise. She apparently likes to take a bite out of people late night but most of the time she's my brother's big sis and a little blonde ray of light
- Wrap: Reynolds Wrap. haha. Panda came up with that one. Or maybe she should be the hair in tribute to her flowing mane. But that movie is scary so maybe not. Summer roomie or not, she'll always have a special place in the casa and all of our heart's
- Patt: This lady likes to spend her days planting grass which she is allergic to. She is amazing and she brightens up every room. And she always has the most enjoyable night showers
- PCP: I'm writing this post so it's awk sauce to write about yourself. I'm a known fellon and I cower in fear over Panda's beauty
- JJ: MISSING! Have you seen this girl? Description: Small, adorable, and quiet like a cat
- The Alien: She lives in the outdoors. Nough said
- The Phantom: She pays rent but you'd need a nanny cam to spot her short, infrequent visits. She was blessed By Baby J

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