Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The alcoholics weekend of hell

Okay so Wrap kind of introduced the major points but I thought I'd add a little sprinkle of PCP perspective. Nothing good really happened this weekend. It was a whole lot of bad though.
We started off on Friday thinking that, as alcoholics, we'd be able to do a power hour. This isn't your older sibling's power hour though. This one is with 2 four lokos and a whole lot of idiotic idealism. I actually think it would have been fine if it hadn't been for Sailor Jerry and Honey Moon consumed earlier, but basically the night was a shit show. Why did it suck? We don't remember, that's generally the problem

We are the dumbest people in the world possibly for thinking that we could finish a 30 bomb of Busch from mid-night to mid-night without drinking or smoking anything else and with our wits about us. We cracked the beers open at 9 AM and had a lovely breakfast while drinking. We were fine I think for most of the day, went to a barbecue and had a grown up afternoon, then had some really spicy hot dogs at home. It wasn't until around 5 or 6 PM that things started to go awry. One girl just got naked after some really silly shenanigans, got a gash in her ass the size of a pencil, and ran around as such. One poor soul got infected as she ran past him and got blood on his pants. It was exactly like super bad for me, and honestly I think he thought it might have been period blood for part of the night. Oops? Well the night ended with some arguments, some love, and a whole lot of Tron punching things and trying to tear out a wall. So please, our six readers, don't try this challenge at home.

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