Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear lovers and friends,
this is a ultra special blog sent all the way via Seattle. So far I know.

I am writing this blog outside of the MR as a special treat to all my other loyal roommates that are still in Pullman because I miss them all sooooooo much.

I don't have much to say but I wanted to tell you all that I am drinking just as much as you are there, if not more ( 4 bottles of tequila were divided during my 4th of july weekend and as well as 100+ beers) so BOOOOYAH.

a special thanks to amanda and megan for putting a halt on the 44 Tap out while Im gone. It means the world to me.

On a better note, I have the most wonderful book to bring back to our house upon my return... its called " a guide to getting it on" i'll probably give it to gabby just as a momento when i leave WSU.

anywho, wising i were with you all. see you soon.
SLAM, Katie

PS Nickj and Scissor also send all their love.

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