Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fuck you Dirty Thirty

First off this weekend has bees such a failure that we write a supper blog Saturday, and Sunday was such an embarrassment that it wasn't even possible.

We had a dream, 1 30 and 24 hours, we had it all.. until we didn't. Contrary to popular belief cracking a bottle at 9 am isn't as pleasant as it sounds.
We started optimistic with Chowder making it to 5 before 930 am, and Misty powering threw them like her life depended on it. That girl was able to make the top of the bets for almost everything that day, what a champ. With a solid start we powered threw the day having a little barbecue and some games to help with the consumption. Finally Tron showed up and our wolf pack was finally complete. We took our little parade over to maple st. i personally couldn't tell you what really happed there apparently more games and more shenanigans, good christ. It finally came to an end back at the lovely MR with crazy beazy and her ass bleeding everywhere, junior high games (congrats Mpatt ), what can you do.

Top Things not to do after consuming all day:
1. get on a roof
2. play spin the bottle
3. remodel the bathroom

p.s. Special shout out to Very Mary Kate like omg gross.com/stabmeintheheart.html

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